Statement and Upcoming Events


Science underpins modern culture.  Every time we open a computer, pass through a security checkpoint or receive and MRI our lives benefit from and are enriched by the work of scientific research. My art work helps strengthen  the connection between scientific research and the health and well being of communities.

Project Partners:

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory: first Artist in Residence 

The Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District

The University of New Hampshire-School of Marine Studies and Ocean Engineering

Special thanks to the ADEON Project for generously sharing ocean acoustics  data

Bigelow Laboratory 

The Field Museum

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District 

Chicago Botanic Garden

Illinois Mycological Society

Art@CMS group at CERN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Upcoming Exhibits and Events

2018 Shows

Argonne National Laboratory  Gallery 201 October 1-December 15th
Art@CMS Ontario,Canada April 9-11
Field Museum "Boundary Layer: Mosses, Fungi and Lichens" May 10th and 11th
Expanding Your Horizons, March 24th University of Chicago
Theosophical Society July- September 2018
16th Street Theater, "Tools of The Trade: A Citizens View of Law Enforcement" will be shown during                 the run of the show Wolf at The End of The Block   Opening March 29th - mid May
           I'll be participating in a talk back after the performance Thursday, May 17th
Evanston Art Center "Art and The Elegant Universe" opening March 4th 1PM
Water Street Studio "Art and The Elegant Universe" April 9th - May 5th

Speaking Engagements

Women in Science   TBD 2019 at the Field Museum
Hope Academy of Senior Professionals: Artful Sound: Underwater Acoustics August 6th, 2019
Story Collider   Saturday, May 12th, 2018
Illinois Institute of Technology January 2018
Indiana University Northwest Key note speaker 2017
Lewis University 2017
Elmhurst College 2017
19th Century Club 2012 and 2016
University of Wisconsin Science Festival 2016
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory 2015 and 2016
International High Energy Physics Conference 2016
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany 2015
Chicago Cultural Center Lake FX Conference 2015
CERN- European Organization for Nuclear Research 2015   

Photo: Georgia Schwender
Drawing on the stage at Fermi National Accelerator Labratory

 Recent Press and Media
Surface Design Journal-Hidden Threads: Fungal-Plant Partnerships September 2018
The Physics Teacher,"The Beauty of Physics" co-author Dr. Don Lincoln September 2018
Textile Artist "Artist Tool Kit"
Signal to Noise April 2016 "Art and Life in The Subatomic Realm"
Small Things Considered "Art About Small Things"
Water Canada March/April 2013 "A Tribute to Treatment"


Fisk maps commissioned by  the USACE in1944. The report shows the historic meanders of the Mississippi River going back over 1000 years.  Click the link to visit the site.


Tribune Article by Barbara Brotman November 2014

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